NeuroWeb Network

"The way you train that (AI) system will have to be crowdsourced ... if you want it to be a repository of all human knowledge, all humans need to contribute to it." - Yann LeCun

NeuroWeb Network is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence blockchain designed to incentivise knowledge creation, connectivity and sharing through Knowledge Mining. It's utility token NEURO is designed to fuel the AI knowledge economy, rewarding relevant knowledge contributions to the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

NeuroWeb builds on the basis of its predecessor - the OriginTrail Parachain - which was transformed into NeuroWeb via a community Governance vote on OriginTrail Parachain in December 2023. NeuroWeb is a permissionless, EVM enabled blockchain secured by Polkadot validators.

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Official website of OriginTrail Parachain:

This documentation page is a work-in-progress. We invite you to provide feedback and contributions on the documentation Github repo

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