NeuroWebAI parachain auction 2024

NeuroWebAI (previously OriginTrail Parachain) extended a parachain slot on Polkadot by winning on auction #62. NeuroWeb was the fastest growing parachain in the last 6 months (currently ranked #2 for the amount of transactions among all parachains) and has just seen the launch of Knowledge mining BETA &, widely showcasing its utility value.

NeuroWebAI core functionalities

NeuroWeb has successfully secured the parachain slot by winning on auction #62 for an additional 2-year period, extending its lease duration. Rewards for crowdloan contributors were distributed on April 11, 2024.

Rewards amount

Total rewards distributed in a winning auction: 20,000,000 NEURO

Rewards distribution

  • Distribution relative to contributions - 16MM NEURO

  • Contributions size #2-50* - 2MM NEURO (40,816 NEURO per contributor)

  • Biggest contributor* - 2MM NEURO

Hardcap for contributions: 250,000 DOT

Distributed rewards undergo a vesting process, with 25% available immediately, while the remaining 75% is vested over a period of 2 years.

Rewards distributed on date: 11.4.2024.

The relevant ranking for rewards is determined at the winning block. If there are less than 50 contributors at the time of winning, the undistributed rewards are to be returned to Future auctions pool.

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