Voting on a referendum

This guide will walk you through the process of participating in a public referendum on NeuroWeb. By following these steps, you become an integral part of the decision-making process that shapes the future development of our ecosystem.

This instructions are for NeuroWeb Mainnet. Same apply for NeuroWeb Testnet, you just need to access Polkadot-JS interface for Testnet.

1. Open NeuroWeb Polkadot-JS interface

Click on the following link to open NeuroWeb Polkadot-JS interface.

If you cannot identify your wallet in Polkadot-JS and you are using Polkadot-JS extension, refer to section below. Otherwise, contact us on Discord for assistance.

2. Navigate to the democracy interface

The voting itself will be executed seamlessly through the Polkadot-JS interface. To submit an on-chain vote in the Polkadot-JS UI, first navigate to the "Governance" > "Democracy" tab.

3. Click on the vote button

Here, you will see ongoing proposals and referendums. Click the "Vote" button next to the referendum you are interested in.

4. Select voting parameters

In the next menu, choose the amount of OTP you'd like to vote with, as well as your vote multiplier.

Multiplying your vote is a unique feature in governance that allows you to increase your voting power by voluntarily locking up the tokens for a specified amount of time, also known as "conviction voting". You can read more on this here.

5. Submit your vote

Next, choose to vote either Aye or Nay. Sign and submit the transaction, and you're all set! You have successfully participated in on-chain governance.

If you're more of a visual learner, you can also watch this tutorial video on how to vote on Polkadot, the process is same for NeuroWeb.

Polkadot-JS extension troubleshooting

  1. Open extension and click on three dots on the right side

  1. Click on the drop down menu, on the below image it is where is written "Polkadot Relay Chain":

  1. Select "Allow use on any chain", refresh Polkadot-JS interface for OriginTrail Mainnet and go back to step 2.

If you run into any difficulties please post on Discord for assistance.

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