Here, you'll find information about the foundational whitepapers that outline the core concepts and vision behind NeuroWeb's trusted infrastructure for decentralized AI.

In 2022, OriginTrail introduced its ecosystem whitepaper 2.0. This whitepaper marks a pivotal moment as OriginTrail introduces its own layer 1 solution, the OriginTrail Parachain (now called NeuroWeb), running on Polkadot (layer 0). The NeuroWeb brings significant capabilities to incentivize DKG usage and growth, enhance efficiency without compromising decentralization, and foster network effects through interoperability with other blockchains.

OriginTrail's whitepaper 3.0 presents a vision for the future of Artificial Intelligence through the concept of a Verifiable Internet for AI, leveraging the synergies of crypto, internet, and AI technologies. It introduces the Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG), a novel approach to ensure the provenance, integrity, and verifiability of information utilized by AI systems. It aims to address the challenges posed by misinformation, data ownership, intellectual property rights, and biases inherent in AI technologies, by synergizing neural and symbolic AI approaches with Web3 technologies. This vision combines NeuroWeb blockchain with the dynamic capabilities of AI to foster a democratic, ethically guided, and economically viable future for AI applications.

Read whitepapers on the following link.

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